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About The Project Garage

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Do you remember when being handy was the norm?

We do. We have memories of uncles with workshops filled with tools, plans, and ongoing projects. Grandfathers who had barns packed with mysterious farm machinery and rows of aging cars. We remember aunts who could pickle just about anything, whip up delicious jams, and quilt masterpieces. Where did all of this happen? It took place in workshops, rooms, nooks, basements, carports, barns, and outbuildings. It happened in garages. Project Garages.

What happened in these spaces was the passing down of valuable lessons from one generation to the next, empowering each new group to believe in their ability to repair, build, and create with their own hands. It was an integral part of life's education.

However, over time, families have grown more disconnected, and these essential lessons aren't being taught as they once were. Perhaps you don't have a relative, or skilled friend to teach you those much-needed skills. That's precisely why we're here.

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Welcome to The Project Garage,

your virtual workshop, and the place where you can learn to be handy, not helpless. It's your opportunity to take risks, nurture your curiosity, and challenge yourself to acquire those old-school skills. Our team of professionals at The Project Garage is here to bridge those knowledge and skill gaps, ensuring that your journey toward self-sufficiency is both efficient and safe.

Let's embrace the wisdom of the past in a modern way, bringing back the skills that people used to share and pass on to one another.

Welcome to your new workspace. What will you build/fix/create here?

Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

To bridge the gap between DIYers and skilled professionals. We create a virtual space for collaboration, empowering individuals and homeowners to take on projects with confidence, while offering professionals new opportunities to share their expertise and grow their business. Accessible, affordable, and respectful, we're committed to building a community where knowledge is shared, creativity thrives, and everyone is welcome.

Our Vision

We aim to connect DIYers and professionals globally, democratizing access to trades knowledge and fostering a community that's inclusive and innovative. Our vision is a future where creativity thrives, barriers are broken, and every project is collaborative. We envision a world where the tools to build, repair, and grow are within everyone's reach.

About the Founder


Stephanie has been a handful right from the start. A true East Coaster, her natural curiosity about how things worked often led her to be a bit of a troublemaker during her childhood. She frequently dismantled items but struggled to reassemble them. Fortunately, she had patient relatives who channeled her energy and instilled in her the belief that no task was insurmountable with determination, a basic understanding of how things worked, and a desire to be self-reliant.

As the years passed, Stephanie's passion for hands-on learning and self-sufficiency only grew. Now, through The Project Garage she aims to create a supportive environment for anyone with a similar desire to improve their handy skills. Stephanie's vision is to offer the kind of guidance and support she received from her family to help others gain practical skills and knowledge.

Today, Stephanie still resides on the East Coast, where she continues to take things apart, but she has significantly improved her ability to put them back together.

TPG Team

Stephanie Paraskevopulos, Founder

Stephanie Paraskevopulos


jocelyn, operations manager

Jocelyn MacDonald

Operations Manager